Innovation to Heal Nature and Humanity

The India Habitat Centre Annual Lecture will be delivered this year by Mr Sonam Wangchuk. The Theme of the Lecture is "Innovation to Heal Nature and Humanity".This will be at the Stein Auditorium at 7 pm on Friday the 24th of February. The lecture is open to all. The lecture will be followed by a question and answer session

His achievements as an innovator and reformer span the areas of education, environment and energy. His work like the Secmol School, the Ice Stupa project, etc. has won him widespread acclaim both in India and in different parts of the world. His capacity to motivate people and bring about fundamental changes is what marks him as a unique personality. There has been widespread media speculation that it was his life that inspired the famous film – 3 Idiots

Currently, Sonam is working to establish an alternative university (www.hial.co.in ) that would engage mountain youth in finding solutions to their peculiar problems. His bigger and wilder vision is in fact to change the way the universities work in general throughout the world…with just chalk, talk and paper.

He calls this the next learning revolution and you too can associate with this movement....... http://hial.co.in/

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Video recording of the Lecture