Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who all could be the members of the India Habitat Centre?

Answer: Membership is categorised into three types:

  1. Institutional Members
  2. All allottees of built areas or spaces in the Centre will be admitted as Institutional Members of the Centre.

  3. Corporate Members
  4. Any other organisation or institution which has interest in the proper development of human settlements can be admitted as Corporate Member on such terms and conditions as the Centre may determine.

  5. Individual Members
  6. Any person interested in the proper habitat related environmental issues may be admitted by the Centre as an individual member in any one of the undermentioned specified class of individual membership on such terms and conditions as the Centre may determine.

    • Founder Member
    • Life Members
    • Ordinary Members
    • Associate Members
    • Temporary members
    • Long Term Temporary Members (Foreign Nationals)
    • Long Term Temporary Members (Indian Nationals)
    • NRIs and Individual Overseas Members
    • Research Associate

    Provided, however that the number of persons who may be admitted as Ordinary Individual Members shall not exceed 500 for the time being.

Question: What are the general guidelines for members?


  1. No Institutional Member shall transfer his membership to any other person except with the previous permission of the Centre. Membership in all other categories is non-transferable.
  2. In the case of individuals nominated by Institutional and Corporate Members to use the facilities of the Centre, no charges can be made without the prior permission of the Centre.
  3. The Centre shall keep a roll of all members giving their addresses and occupations.
  4. The Centre will send a copy of its Annual Report to all its members.
  5. The financial year of the Centre shall be from the 1st day of April until the last day of March in the following year

Question: I am a student and would like to study the Centre and its facilities as part of my academic requirements. Am I allowed and is there any formality required for the same?

Answer: The students are welcome at Centre, provided they carry a letter of authorization from their respective colleges. They are allowed to take photographs also. No written material is provided by IHC except the permission to visit the various areas. The offices of various institutions can be visited by obtaining the permission directly by the respective institutions. The Auditorium & facilities areas can also be visited, if free during that period.

Question: Is any space available on rent/purchase at IHC?

Answer: No, there is no space available at IHC either for rent or purchase. It may also be noted that the existing institutions can not give space on rent.

Question: Am I allowed to park my vehicle overnight?

Answer: No, vehicles are not allowed to park overnight. In case the vehicles are parked overnight, a charge of Rs. 200 per four wheeler per night and Rs. 100 per vehicle per night will be charged. It may however be noted that parking at IHC is at OWNER’S RISK.