Habitat Walk

IHC walk is an initiative where the members are invited to participate in the IHC Walks as scheduled. The various monuments, famous bird sanctuaries, zoo, art galleries, museums and other places of historical and archaeological importance are covered in the walks.

Walk This Month!

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    IHC Art Walk - with Poornima Sardana, museum design consultant. Exploring the lands of Little People. A fun experience at the Dolls Museum. Ideal Age Group: 8-12. Register at habitatprogrammes@gmail.com

    11:00 am
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    WALK & TALK - IHC Heritage Walk led by historian Prof. Sunil Kumar at the Qutb Complex. Alauddin Khalaji the Sage? The walk covers Alauddin Khalaji's contributions to the Qutb mosque and concludes with a brief talk at his reputed madrasa and tomb to ponder over what his title 'Iskandar Thani', Alexander the Second, might have meant outside Hellenistic paradigms and within the context of the early fourteenth century Delhi Sultanate

    09:30 am