Habitat Learning Centre

In keeping with India Habitat Centre’s mandate, the Habitat Learning Centre through this inclusive initiative, strives to empower under-served children and youth with knowledge on ICT (Information & Communication Technology) which in turn would help them to learn in a professional manner, acquire skills, learn to communicate effectively, gain confidence, make choices and chart their paths ahead.
The Habitat Learning Centre was set up by the India Habitat Centre in February 2002 to bring the world of IT to the under-privileged and under-served children of Delhi. The initiative started with a seven-day programme on understanding computers that was repeated several times over to include more and more children based on the positive response it received.

Extension Learning Centres were set up in partnership with NGOs working in different grassroot areas of Delhi to enable these children to practice what they learnt at the HLC and to enable more children, particularly those who could not come to the HLC, to explore the world of IT near their homes.

The HLC has since come a long way and now offers a three-months Basic Computer Course, an eight-month Advanced Computer Course and an eight-month Basics of Skill Development Course in four streams (Accounting Principles, Content Management System, Hardware & Networking, Visual Documentation).

Functional Communication in English is integrated into the curriculum of the Advanced Computer Course and Skill Development Courses conducted at the HLC.

Basic Computer course is now conducted only in the Extension Learning Centres in various under-served areas.

Since 2012 when we started the Skill Development Course, 235 students have completed the various streams.

Certificates of completion are provided after the students take online examinations at the HLC. Mock exams are held to familiarise the students with the online process.

Every effort is made to take a dynamic approach, upgrade the content and bring the students on par with newer and relevant technological advances.

A committed team of in-house professionals are involved in the teaching process.