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The miracles of software are not unknown or unfamiliar to us anymore. Computing operations from the worldwide web are now within the palm of our hand. But have we gone too far to develop systems that may lie beyond our intellectual capabilities to manage? To address these concerns, and much more, we are pleased to host, Prof. Gerard Berry, who will deliver a webinar on Why computing is turning the world upside down.

We draw to a close our explorations of the contemporary through Italian cinema with Il campione (The Champion) a comedy about an unpredictable football player who is assigned a personal tutor for anger management training. Do not miss the restored version of the 1992 Gujarati absurdist comedy Hun, Hunshi, Hunshilal by Sanjiv Shah. Starring Dilip Joshi in the lead, the film is a satire set in the fictitious country of Khojpuri.

Our weekly updates of the Met Opera, IMF talks and #SASFF2020 continue.

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