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Visual Arts Gallery of the India Habitat Centre has come a long way since its inception in the July 2000. The India Habitat Centre has established itself as a locus, a platform for cultural activity, where there is an opportunity to display creative talent or witness excellence on display. The Visual Arts Gallery has been a hub of uninterrupted art activity spanning different genres, and crossing many a boundaries. From the visual art to seminars, and now traversing the path of the digital world, the Visual Arts Gallery has a finger on the pulse of contemporary art trends leading to a sharing and union of energies and ideas. The Gallery works in a multi-dimensional manner. From showcasing two-dimensional works to three-dimensional works, we are trying to bring the best of art traditions both nationally and internationally. There is also an interface between what is termed 'high art' to popular art traditions, very much in keeping with the philosophy and vision of the India Habitat Centre.

In the last fourteen years, as perhaps the largest non-profit centre in the country, we have been supporting art, crafts, material culture, emerging talent, and also the medium of photography. The immediacy of the medium of photography forms an inherent trajectory of the visual arts. Photography is now a serious art practice and we have hosted works by some of the well-known photographers of the country, namely Amit Pasricha, Amit Mehra, Prabir Purkayastha, among others. Their photo exhibits indeed herald the coming age of photography, and speak of the new levels to which photography is being taken.

Exhibition Calendar for this Month!



29th Sep - 02nd Oct, 2019
Echoes In Eternity - A group paintings & sculpture exhibition by artists Dr. Nitin Majumder, Jiten Hazarika, Raghunath Sahoo, Mukta Gupta, Uday Singh, Madhulika Jha, Bahadur Singh, Rohit Maurya, Gaurav Dahiya, Rachna Bhati, Yogesh Jadhav, Priti Desai, Ajay K Meshram, Bishwaranjan Bhunia, Jahir Hasan, Nandini Verma, Pradnya R Besekar, Beena Krishnan, Sasi Krishnan, Inaoton Wangkheimayum, Richa Parasrampuria, Hari Kumbhawat, Vanu Grahacharjee Dev Dutt Dharan, Ratna Sharma, Ritika,Tejpal,Manimanjusha

04th Oct - 06th Oct, 2019
Inner Bliss - A solo painting exhibition by Aruna Tewari

08th Oct - 13th Oct, 2019
Carpet Stories from the ancient Silk Road - An exhibition of rare tribal carpets from nomadic tents and villages of Central Asia and the Caucasian mountains by anonymous nomads

15th Oct - 19th Oct, 2019
Timeless - A solo Ceramics exhibition by Usha Garodia

21st Oct - 26th Oct, 2019
Les Femmes Fatales - Women with Gumption a solo sculpture exhibition by Kiran Dixit-Thapar



02nd Oct - 06th Oct, 2019
Mauj-e-junoon (Waves of obsession) - A group painting exhibition by Anita Malik, Dr. Ranjan Mallik, Dr. Richa Dhamija & Vipul Saini

08th Oct - 11th Oct, 2019
Disaster Photo Exhibition by Goonj.. - A solo photography exhibition by Anshu Gupta

18th Oct - 19th Oct, 2019
RAMAYANA through IKEBANA - An exhibition of Japanese flower arrangement by Meena Iyer & Simran Sadana from the Delhi Chapter of Ohara School of Ikebana, Japan. The arrangement aims at stringing the rich cultures of Japan & India by displaying the tale of Ramayana through Ikebana arrangements



07th Oct - 11th Oct, 2019
Surreal forms and the spirit of womanhood - A solo painting exhibition by M. Ramalingam

19th Oct - 20th Oct, 2019
Expressions - A group painting & sculpture exhibition by Anushka Mehta, Afrah Mundewadi, Adya Bhargava, Devashish Mehta



28th Sep - 13th Oct, 2019
Ras Se Bana Banaras - Kashi Ki Mahima , is a holistic experience of city Banaras and it's heritage and culture in New Delhi through various art forms , food, music and literature . The aim is to showcase the richness of this Indian city and to promote more inland tourism and also to make citizens of Delhi aware about our own cities . Talk Shows: Food Stories of Banaras, The Mythologies & Myths, Present Socio-economic and geographical scenario
  • Over 100 art pieces to display including – Photographs, Paintings, Sketches, Cartoons etc.
  • Talk Shows: Food Stories of Banaras, The Mythologies & Myths, Present Socio-economic and geographical scenario
  • Book Reviews related to Kabeer, Raja of Varanasi, Karma, Dharma, Kama and Moksha
  • Music – Neeraj Arya Songs, Ganga Aarti, Shankhnaad & Shehnai
  • Plays & Poetry related to Banaras
  • Social Causes to support – Ganga Cleaning by NGO, Promote local
Mohit Gupta mg@mohitgupta.net, 9582218813



02nd Oct, 2019
The city−experience festival, Ras se bana Banaras - Kashi Ki Mahima: Talk shows, Food Stories of Banaras, The Mythologies & Myths, Socio-economic scenario & more. Please contact the Visual Arts gallery for more details