IHC Parking Notice


We are pleased to inform you that we are increasing surface parking area for Members' self-driven cars.

Members may collect Parking Stickers from IHC Information Cell, by giving a written request along with a copy of RC of the vehicle for which the Sticker is sought. Only 2 Car Parking Stickers per member are issued.

Gate No. 3A, (Vardhman Marg exiting towards Meharchand Market) shall be open for Exit Only. It will be one way traffic from Gate No. 1 to Gate No. 3A. Vehicles parked on the surface shall have to exit from Gate No. 3A only.


1. Only goods vehicle and two wheelers, which are required to be parked near Core 1B, will be allowed from Gate No. 3A. Entry of all other vehicles will be strictly prohibited from Gate No. 3A.

2. Vehicles with Member’s Car Parking Stickers only will be allowed to park in the reserved space earmarked for Self-Driven Member’s Car Parking.

Members’ Car Parking Stickers for four wheelers can be collected form the IHC Information Centre by submitting a copy of the RC of the vehicle, in case the vehicle is in the member’s or their spouse’s name. In case the vehicle belongs to a company/institution, a covering letter mentioning the same, along with a copy of the RC will be required to obtain the sticker.


The basement parking areas in P1 and P2 are becoming increasingly overcrowded and it has been observed that one of the reasons is that vehicles are being parked for an indefinite duration, even for days & weeks together, and quite often without seeking permission or providing information on the same. We have been advised by the police and security that this constitutes a security risk, apart from causing inconvenience to the genuine users of IHC.

In order to curb this malpractice of parking vehicles overnight (both two-wheelers and four-wheelers), it has been decided that a charge of Rs. 200 per night for four-wheelers and Rs. 100 for two-wheelers shall be levied. Permission for parking the vehicle overnight shall have to be taken from IHC.

It may please be noted that parking of vehicles is entirely at the owner’s risk.