Annual Celebrations

To demonstrate their learning during the past year, students put-up an exhibition each year and along with those from the Extension Learning Centres showcase their talents through performing arts.

HLC Annual Celebrations 2017

Annual Celebrations Teach to Reach

This year the theme for the HLC Annual celebrations is "Teach to Reach" which rightly connects with what children have achieved. We along with you are excited to see the impact they have made which can really motivate the peers.

Annual Celebrations Exhibition

The exhibition documented the students journey through the past year through photographs and kiosks for the different streams in the Skill Development Course which included Basics of Content Managements System, Basics of Hardware & Networking, Basics of Visual Documentation and Basics of Teaching Computer Skills which have been introduced this year as a new course in HLC.

Annual Celebrations Exhibition
Annual Celebrations Exhibition
Annual Celebrations Basics of Visual Documentation

Students demonstrate their learning in respective streams with KIOSKS which enables them to describe what they have learned in HLC.

Annual Celebrations Basics of Accounting Principles
Annual Celebrations Basics of Content Management System
Annual Celebrations Basics of Hardware and Networking
Annual Celebrations Information Desk
Cultural Evening

It’s that time of year again when excitement is at its peak! Plays, songs, skits, dances... The students enthralled the audience of parents, peers, alumni, members of IHC and other interested viewers with their brilliant performances high energy and enthusiasm. The gaily decorated venue was entirely a handy work of the students who had spent several days creating the beautiful decorations. Like each year the Amphitheatre was packed and overflowing!