Authors' Corner

To highlight the creative and intellectual talents of members, the Habitat Library & Resource Centre houses their works in a separate section designated as 'IHC Authors' Corner.

New books added to Authors' Corner: on display on the 'New Arrivals' shelf until 30-May-2024

  • Agrahari, Amrit, IN-2195
    Greed: powering some of the most creative frauds in human history. -- Gurugram: OakBridge, 2022

  • Basu, Tapan Kumar, A-6145
    Hindi Dalit literature in the United Provinces: Swami Acchutanand and Chandrika Prasad Jigyasu, 1900-1930. -- New Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2023

  • Jain, Devendra, A-5059
    Book of life: one liners to live by. --, 2024

  • Mohan, Ajay, CO-0200-58-S)
    Phi Phi follies: a tale of middle-age romance. --, 2023

  • Sridharan, Eswaran, A-8552
    Elections, parties, and coalitions in India: theory and recent history. -- Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2024

  • Suresh, Neerada, A-2773
    Alignment. -- Kerala: Current Books, 2024

  • Basu, Rekha, A-6145-S
    Continental philosophy: selections from the European continent, Alexandre Kojeve, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Merleau-Ponty. -- Delhi: Worldview Publications, 2020

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