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India is celebrating its economy and when there is an economic flowering, the arts are given a new leash of life. And we are part of this luxury and privilege of creating new paths and new histories of art and aesthetics. While contemporary Indian art is reaching unbelievable benchmarks in money terms, we at the Visual Arts Gallery are interrogating philosophical aesthetics, but that does not deny the intrinsic value of art. Over the last 14 years, the Visual Arts Gallery has become one of the most significant spaces of cultural consumption. The Gallery is the spring board for the much needed dissemination of high art and the cultural translations of popular art. With the integration of different art forms and a movement towards a multi-disciplinary approach, once again the gallery becomes a pioneer in injecting a much needed trajectory.

The Visual Arts Journal, published annually, becomes the voice of the Visual Arts Gallery, its concerns and motivating ethos. The publication for the past ten years has explored the various facets of the Visual Arts be it critical vocabulary or new-media, digital arts, installation et al. Not only does it have a thematic content to it, but it also has a documentary aspect to it. Every possible event held at the Visual Arts Gallery, apart from the regular exhibitions, is documented. In addition, the journal also serves as a compendium of all the special projects, for instance: lectures, talks, workshops, performance, interactive sessions are all recorded in the journal. In this way the journal becomes a manner of cultural link with our readers. In a single read like a diorama the events of an entire year are run through the journal.

Annual Report
Volume 12, April 2013 - March 2015

Art In Public Spaces

In the busy (ness) of the everyday in the fevered rush of getting from one place to the other, it is the public art which can exponentially increase the mental health of the village, town, city, and the country. It is for the same reason that we at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, decided to devote our current Visual Arts Journal (2016) to the Art in Public Spaces... read more

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IHC Art Planner 2017

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IHC Art Planner 2016

Annual Report
Annual Report
Visual Arts Gallery and Penguin Random House publication

Voices and Images

The Visual Arts Gallery, at the India Habitat Centre, has stood, in some ways, as a sentinel of visual culture for the last fifteen years. Showcasing some of the most seminal exhibitions of emerging as well as established artists from within India and abroad, establishing cross-cultural dialogues and, ultimately, putting the wind under the wings of numerous icons in contemporary art, the two volumes—Voices and Images—are a testimony to the plural culture and diversity of India’s creative spirit.

Voices and Images aim to unpack the formality of the white cube (which could, at times, be intimidating), while also celebrating the written word with consummate ease and equal aplomb.

The idea to function as a bridge between the artist and the viewer, as the interplay between perception and representation, finds its final fruition through Voices.

In Images—the essays and other documentation encompassing the work of the last twelve years’ winners of the India Habitat Centre photography fellowship—the discipline of photography is recontextualized as art, history and documentation, and even as a tool of representation.... read more

Annual Report
Volume 11, April 2012 - March 2013

Creative Consumerism: Art Market and Beyond

We do not view commerce as a dirty word, for if there is no financial support for the arts from the market, art itself will not survive. Market affirmations are integral to the life of the arts. The challenge is finding that magic formula of the constructive marriage of art and creativity. Can Creativity and Consumerism thrive in equal measure? Does consumerism kills creativity? Can we equate abundance with gluttony of consumption? Is Consumerism and Creativity existing in parallel worlds? One of the recent IBM cloud advertisements I came across read “Consumerism as an Expression of Innovative Capacity”. The present journal seems to be very much present in the current art climate. Since the definition of art has undergone some major changes and shifts, we at the Visual Arts Gallery try to draw a balance between the artist’s creativity and innovation a by-product of consumerism. Against this backdrop we decided to interrogate the location of creativity... read more

Annual Report
Volume 10, April 2011 - March 2012

Cross-Culture: Special Reference to Rabindranath Tagore

The journal not just celebrates but interrogates the exponential figure of the history of Indian art and aesthetics i.e. Rabindranath Tagore. The concept of visva-sahitya, conceived by Tagore, not only challenged the edifice of orthodoxy but moved beyond the matrix of colonialism and capitalism to bridge the chasm between East and West. The collection of essays closely emphasized how the contemporary times of blurring binaries within the cultural amalgamation, have remapped and recontextualized the Tagorain philosophy... read more

Annual Report
Volume 9, April 2008 - March 2009

New Media

New Media art by its very nature encompasses all artworks created with technologies from digital art, to computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, an art as biotechnology. The ninth volume of the journal devoted to New Media talks about the technologies of telecommunications; practices that stems from conceptual and virtual art, and also performance based digital works... read more

Annual Report
Volume 8, April 2007 - March 2008


The sacred geometry and geography have played an important role in our journey at the Visual Arts Gallery. Abhyas is a regular and constant practice. One of the cardinal principle of Yoga, it is perspective of mental discipline. We at the India Habitat Centre are constantly moving towards nurturing and promoting art and aesthetics to the outpost of transcended. We have included articles and views that reflect on abhyas as discipline, skill practice, de rigueue, without which nothing can be mastered... read more

Annual Report
Volume 7, April 2006 - March 2007

India of the Eye

It is not just our market which is making us seductive, it is our human resources which are making the world sit up and take notice. Within the landscape of India, we wish to look at the plurality and the multiplicity of the land through iconic characters of a random cross-section of artists, thinkers, writers and corporate professionals. Naturally India is everywhere. The whole world is now coming to India, whether it is mythical India, spiritual India, corporate India, or alternate India. As a ‘born again’ India we thought it would be appropriate to reread India through the mindscape of scientists, literary theorists, architects. Thus India of the Eye becomes the focus of the Visual Arts Journal... read more

Annual Report
Volume 6, April 2005 - March 2006

While contemporary Indian art is reaching unbelievable benchmarks in money terms, we at the Visual Arts Gallery are interrogating philosophical aesthetics but that does not deny the intrinsic value of art. There are a myriad ways of valuing art. There could be a commodity value, a sentimental value, historical value or an intellectual value. We place the creative value at the top of the pyramid. Since the establishment of the Gallery, we have looked at understanding of art through the eye of cosmopolitanism, globalization and multiple voices in art... read more

Annual Report
Volume 5, April 2004 - March 2005

Multiple Voices

Multiple voices and multiple languages can be read and reread in this edition of the journal. With India increasingly capturing the imagination of the world, it is the multiplicity of the country which also makes it unique. The indigenous system of knowledge which had been swept under the floor in our colonized past are becoming increasingly relevant. ‘Alternate’ is the key word in science, medicine and technology so why not in the visual culture. And that is what prompted us at the Visual Arts Gallery to dedicate the journal to Multiple Voices... read more

Annual Report
Volume 4, April 2003 - March 2004

Art and Design

Design is coming of age. Packaging is the new buzzword. Creativity, design and cultural and artistic talent are fundamental to economic success. Design is an attitude, it is cultural too. Designed by Joseph Allen Stein, the India Habitat Centre is a sculpted space that makes parallel between architecture and installed art. This edition of the journal is to emerge from a space that explores the conflation of art and design. The Centre exploits the possibilities if design, creating maximum impact from minimum use of resources. It makes an effort to liquid the otherwise strict definitions of space... read more

Annual Report
Volume 3, April 2002 - March 2003

The third issue of the Visual Arts Journal is devoted exclusively to photography. Photography as art, photography as communication, photography as history, photography as documentation are explored and celebrated in the hands of the writers. The journal is a significant step in legitimizing photography as an art form in India... read more

Annual Report
Volume 2, April 2001 - March 2002

It has been said that art is what makes life worth living, the experience of drawing promises the opening up of an individual's creative and imaginative drive, allowing for the development of a more sensitive and mature whole. The uncovering of the structure of the aesthetic sphere: mind -and-heart, intellect-and-senses, caught in their intrinsic, multi-layered inter relatedness, favors a comprehensive grasp on the fountainhead of creativity, sympathy and awareness. Aesthetic values are perhaps the only ones, which have an in-built capacity to be shared by human beings independently from ethnic identity, ethical and religious conditioning... read more

Annual Report
Volume 1, April 2000 - March 2001

Since we are a non-commercial gallery, our attempt is to evolve a critical art vocabulary from the Centre. There is a judicious mix of both cutting edge art and traditional art forms. the aim of the journal is not only to document all the activities of the gallery which will give our readers a sampler of all the events we have organized, but also to provide an art appreciation experience... read more
Annual Report
In its attempt to take art out of the white cube and sensitizing people to the various forms art can take, the Visual Arts Gallery also publishes a quarterly magazine called the 'I' – An Eye Piece to the Visual Arts'. In this newsletter, readers are encouraged to write in their responses, making the publication a discursive space. The 'I' also gives an overview of the interesting events in the field of arts that take place in India and abroad. Complimentary copies of the 'I' are given to all the members of the India Habitat Centre. You can the PDF version of the 'I' by clicking on the following links:
  • May 2007 Issue
  • June 2006 Issue
  • February 2006 Issue