November 2017

Exhibition Calendar


  • 01st Nov - 06th Nov, 2017
    The Nandibull - A solo sculpture exhibition by Priya Jhangu

  • 07th Nov - 11th Nov, 2017
    Aham Brahmasmi - A tribute to the Infinite Soul A solo photography exhibition by Sharat Sharma

  • 12th Nov - 14th Nov, 2017
    100,000 Annual Art Loot - branded signature annual show - 8th Edition

  • 17th Nov - 21st Nov, 2017
    Spectrum - A solo sculpture exhibition by Arzan Khambatta

  • 22nd Nov - 26th Nov, 2017
    Journey of Transformation - A ceramic group exhibition by Good Earth, Yukuhara Furuno - Japan, Jane Jermyn - Ireland, Robert Laware - USA, Mirta Morigi - Italy, Hanibal Salvaro -Estonia, Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, Shama Maira, Shweta Mansinghka, Kristine Michael, Adi Writer -India.

  • 27th Nov - 30th Nov, 2017
    Eternal Journey - A group exhibition by Mridul Chakraborty, Kashinath Bose, Niloy Sarkar


  • 01st Nov - 07th Nov, 2017
    Interpretation of Memories - A solo painting exhibition by Sumita Maity

  • 15th Nov - 19th Nov, 2017
    Heaven on Earth (Murals from God’s Own Country) - A solo painting exhibition by Bhavani Raghunandan

  • 20th Nov - 24th Nov, 2017
    Beyond The Mind - A group painting exhibition by S A Jafar, Rajib Sikdar, Sukanta Halder, Prof. Kumkum Mathur, Nabin Das, Prof. S P Verma, Raju Ram 'Ratan', Dr. Jayant Shankarrao Pansare, Jyoti Saini Siddiqui, Dr. Paromita Mukerjee

  • 25th Nov - 30th Nov, 2017
    Insight 14 - Eco Wood Design - An exhibition of eco -friendly furniture made out of reclaimed pallet wood by Insight 14


  • 18th Nov - 19th Nov, 2017
    Exhibition - November 18 & 19 at the Experimental Arts Gallery. A fascinating exhibition through the book Victor Halfwit, a unique and collectible artist’s book combining the darkly comic voice and vision of Thomas Bernhard with the lush and beautiful collages of Indian designer Sunandini Banerjee. Collab. Seagull Books.
    Timings: 10:00am - 7:00pm