Open Palm Court Area Booking Procedure

(1) To book the gallery:

For making reservations send us a proposal addressed to:

Dr Alka Pande,
Consultant, Art Advisor and Curator,
Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003.
Phone: 43662024, 43662025.

(2) The proposal must include:

For Artist - Application, Profile / Bio-data, 6 Images
For Group – Concept, List of Artists, Brief profile of Artists, 2 art work images of each artist
For Gallery – Concept, Gallery Profile, 10-15 artworks Images

(3) Please note: The galleries cannot be booked for a period of more than seven days at a stretch.

(4) Our expert committee will review your proposal and reply within a month from the date of submission of the proposal.

Please note: India Habitat Centre reserves the right to accept or reject the proposals. By submitting a proposal, exhibitors/ artists cannot lay claim to the desired dates at the gallery, even though the dates might be available.

(5) Once booking is confirmed, please prepare a CD of high-resolution images of the works to be deposited at the Visual Arts Gallery office. This would help with documentation for the IHC Annual Arts Journal.

(6) Also if a mailing list is required, please inform the Gallery office staff, one month in advance.

(7) Once you are offered the dates, you will be required to make 50 percent advance payment to confirm the booking within one month of the receipt of our letter. You will also have to fill a form with terms and conditions, attached along with this booking procedure. It is also available at the Visual Arts Gallery office and can be downloaded from our website:

(8) The balance payment has to be cleared three months prior to the show.

(9) You will also be required to pay a security deposit of Rs.20,000 in case you book the Visual Arts Gallery, Rs. 5,000 for Open Palm Court Gallery and Experimental Art Gallery, will refunded one month after the show, conditions apply.

(10) All the cheques will be made in the name of India Habitat Centre.

(11) We request you to exchange all information regarding the booking or cancellation of the gallery with us in writing.

OPEN PLAM COURT GALLERY of the Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Centre aims at serving the people by supporting Arts with exhibitions carrying a special emphasis on environment, habitat issues and functional art. The Open Palm Court offers an area of 2,025 square feet (129 running feet)

For group show (per day) Solo show (per day)
Rs. 6,000 + 18% GST Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST
The entire exhibition is subject to approval by the Visual Arts Gallery office before the opening. Permission will have to be taken for provocative works of art. The gallery reserves the right to have such works taken off.

Bookings are non transferable

Submit agreement form at the time of booking

Controversial works of art will not be permitted. The required permission has to taken from the Director. The gallery reserves the right to have such works taken off.

No liquor or tobacco sponsorship is allowed.

IHC Visual Arts Gallery is a no smoking zone.

You are required to obtain a permission slip from the gallery office before setting up the event

Gallery will be handed over to you at 10:00 pm the previous evening for setting up the event.

Do not use nails, staples, glue, tape, both side adhesive tape and anything that damages painted walls.

The Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre is not responsible for the loss or damage to the personal belongings of the exhibitor / visitor

We do not provide any storage space for the exhibits

The Gallery should be clean and vacated by 7:00 pm on the last day of the show

(1) Payment:
An advance of 50% of the total booking amount needs to be paid to confirm your booking. Payment has to be made vide local cheque/ draft drawn in favour of “India Habitat Centre” payable at Delhi and paid at the Visual Arts Gallery Office. Complete balance payments must be deposited three months prior to the show. Please note that in case there is a revision in the service tax / gallery rates, the exhibitor will be informed and is liable to pay the dues and security deposit of 20000/- (w. e. f. April 1, 2009) one month prior to the show.

(2) Cancellation:

Cancellation before 6 Month, 100% booking amount will be refunded.

After the 6 Month booking is cancelled, the advance non-refundable.

(3) Timings:
The Experimental Art Gallery is open from 10 : 00 a.m to 8 : 00 pm seven days a week. However the VAG office is open for public dealing from 10 : 00 am to 8 : 00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

(4) Security:

The Open Palm Court Area, India Habitat Centre is not responsible for the loss or damage to the personal belongings of the exhibitors/ visitors.

Security guards are posted at the gallery space from 8 am – 10pm. Beyond these hours, should the exhibitors want added security, a guard may be recruited from the IHC for an 8hr shift at the rates applicable at that point.

In case you want to get your own guard, you are required to inform the VAG office through a letter mentioning his name, and contact details. Uniformed guards from security agency other than the one at the VAG will not be allowed.

The Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre must be informed at the time of booking of any schedule visits by VIPs. The visit must be scheduled after the approval from the Gallery Office. It is to be noted that any additional cost incurred in such proceedings shall be borne by the exhibitors.

To set up the event, please note:

You are required to obtain a permission slip from the Gallery Office before setting up the event. You can have the permission slip only after you have made the complete payment including the security deposit vide draft or local cheque, in favour of India Habitat Centre, at the Gallery Office.

Security Deposit: The security deposit must be paid one month prior to the show. Repayment of the security deposit will only happen after an assessment of damage by our authorized staff, with deductions made as per damages noted. Security refund shall be made to the same individual/ entity that had deposited the amount. It will only be made by cheque a month after the end of the show.

Gallery will be handed over to you at 10p.m. the previous evening for setting up the event.

In case the exhibitors want to serve liquor and food during the inaugural function, kindly get in touch with the Banquets, Habitat World, and apply for a liquor license and decide the menu for the event. Contact details are # 41220000 Extn #1. For food and beverage, exhibitors are required to get in touch with the Banquets directly.

(5) Assistance:

Visual Arts Gallery cannot offer any help or assistance for mounting or dismantling the exhibition. We can arrange for labour for you, only if you inform us a week in advance. Payments for labour to be made in cash only.

Exhibitors are forbidden from tampering with the electrical fittings within the gallery on their own. Please note: Technicians for fixing up of lights are available 24 hours. Contact the Elbee department at the IHC at 24682001 – 09, Extn. 2093.

In case of emergency, the vestibule of the Visual Arts Gallery is equipped with a phone (blue phone). Exhibitors can dial 9 from this phone to contact the IHC control room to get through to all the required departments, i.e. the electricity department or Elbee which is open 24 hrs, the AC plant, security, etc.

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