About VAG

Visual Arts Gallery of the India Habitat Centre has come a long way since its inception in the July 2000. The India Habitat Centre has established itself as a locus, a platform for cultural activity, where there is an opportunity to display creative talent or witness excellence on display. The Visual Arts Gallery has been a hub of uninterrupted art activity spanning different genres, and crossing many a boundaries. From the visual art to seminars, and now traversing the path of the digital world, the Visual Arts Gallery has a finger on the pulse of contemporary art trends leading to a sharing and union of energies and ideas. The Gallery works in a multi-dimensional manner. From showcasing two-dimensional works to three-dimensional works, we are trying to bring the best of art traditions both nationally and internationally. There is also an interface between what is termed 'high art' to popular art traditions, very much in keeping with the philosophy and vision of the India Habitat Centre.

In the last fourteen years, as perhaps the largest non-profit centre in the country, we have been supporting art, crafts, material culture, emerging talent, and also the medium of photography. The immediacy of the medium of photography forms an inherent trajectory of the visual arts. Photography is now a serious art practice and we have hosted works by some of the well-known photographers of the country, namely Amit Pasricha, Amit Mehra, Prabir Purkayastha, among others. Their photo exhibits indeed herald the coming age of photography, and speak of the new levels to which photography is being taken.

Exhibition Calendar for this Month!



02nd Mar - 10th Mar, 2023
Miles Ahead & More to Travel - Art Kounsult presents a solo painting exhibition by Dr. Sushma Yadav.

12th Mar - 14th Mar, 2023
ANANTA - A solo painting exhibition by Inheritance Art presents 'ANANTA' Chandni S Chanana. 

18th Mar - 23rd Mar, 2023
AI: Assistive Intelligence - A solo painting and New Age Medium done mostly on canvas and Paper and Video projection exhibition by Sudesh Samaria.

25th Mar - 31st Mar, 2023
CIMA ART MELA - CIMA Art Gallery presents one of the largest Affordable Art Fairs of India, featuring over 60 artists from across India – Paintings, Graphics, Digital Prints & Traditional Arts.



04th Mar - 06th Mar, 2023
The Third Eye - A solo watercolor painting exhibition by Jayasree Bhal.

10th Mar - 14th Mar, 2023
Pandemic Stories - An Inspiration A group painting exhibition by Prof. Narendranath & Sukanya Aynakus.

15th Mar - 20th Mar, 2023
अक्स (Aks) - A solo painting exhibition by Anuj Kumar.

23rd Mar - 24th Mar, 2023
Art For Concern - The Affordable Art Exhibition Secure Giving presents a group painting exhibition.

25th Mar - 31st Mar, 2023
The Arc of the Constellations - Art for Prabhat (a unit of Society for Child Development) presents an exhibition of art Installations of paper & glass by Ankon Mitra.



02nd Feb - 02nd Mar, 2023
INVISIBLE POETRY - A solo photography exhibition by the Ambassador of France H.E Emmanuel Lenain French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain – a self-trained photographer – used his Leica 35mm camera to shoot a variety of pictures while travelling to cities like Patna, Baroda, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, and Mumbai.



02nd Mar - 23rd Mar, 2023
Stories of Women Inspiring Change - The World Press Photo Foundation, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India present a selection of stories, awarded in the annual World Press Photo Contest from 2000 to 2021, that highlight the resilience and challenges of women, girls and communities around the world. Multiple voices, documented by 17 photographers of 13 different nationalities, offer insights into issues including sexism, gender-based violence, reproductive rights, and access to equal opportunities. The selection of stories explores how women and gender issues have evolved in the 21st century and how photojournalism has developed in the ways of portraying them.



10th Mar, 2023
Book Launch - Title of the event: 10,000 Memories, the book is here | Chief Guest Name: Dr. Karan Singh Based on the first and the largest pan-South Asian oral history survey ever conducted, 10,000 Memories tells the story of Partition, World War II and Independence in the mid-20th century Indian subcontinent through hundreds of individual experiences. Book 1, the inaugural volume of the 10,000 Memories series, draws on stories from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the east, and Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south, to provide vivid insights into this defining moment in world history unlike any previously written. 10,000 Memories combines stunning visuals, featuring over 1,000 photographs, with poignant quotes on each page for the casual browser, while longer oral history summaries (stories) on each page help satiate curiosities of the voracious reader. The stories are evocative and bring history to life. You may cry, you may find yourself laughing uncontrollably or simply find yourself spellbound.

17th Mar, 2023
Delhi Literature Festival - For Free Registration Open The Link : https://delhiliteraturefestival.org/free-register.php More details on www.delhiliteraturefestival.org

18th Mar, 2023
Haashiye Ki Taaleem - Story-telling sessions and talks | Name of the artists – Children and young people of Ankur collectives and collaborating organisations |Theme/ inspiration behind the event: The event, ‘Haashiye Ki Taaleem’ showcases the creative outpourings of children and young people from the margins that are an outcome of sustained pedagogical interventions in working class settlements of Delhi. It presents children as authors of their experiences and engaged producers of knowledge. The event is composed in three sections. The first section, ‘Mahamari mein seekhna’ shares how when life came to a standstill during the lockdown, and their families were coping with the crisis resulting from the pandemic, children and young people were engaged in chronicling life and times in pandemic through texts, videos, photography and podcasts. The second section, Khoji bachche, is a presentation of the exploration and research of children on the environmental challenges as experienced in their surroundings. Saajhedaari mein izhaar features creative works of children and young people, produced in collaboration with institutions and organizations working with vulnerable children and young people, be it neighborhood schools, children’s homes, shelter for homeless, institution for the blind and madrasas| Organiser – Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education.

26th Mar, 2023
Theatre - Daastaango: Gaurav Suri & Guneet Kaur | Writer & Director: Kuljeet Singh by An Atelier Repertory Company Production | Theme/ inspiration behind the event(brief write up): Atelier's ACT aka Atelier's Campus Theatre Festival is world's largest campus theatre festival. In its 13th season, we are rejuvenating after the massive creative loss in the last two years due to COVID. "Daastaan-E-Guru Nanak" is an 80 mins musical offering to the cosmos and prayer for the wellbeing of all. Narrated by Gaurav Suri & sung by Guneet Kaur, the daastaan narrates the life and learning of Baba Nanak, the great Indian mystic in Hindustani & Punjabi